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5 Signs That You Should Visit A Dentist

January 18, 2017

Haven’t seen the Dentist in years? Here are some of the telltale signs that you should:

Chronic Tooth Pain
If you are experiencing chronic tooth pain, you should head straight to the dentist. It could be something as simple as a tooth sensitivity, where a simple change in your daily routine could cure your pain. Or, if you have a sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids, it may be a decay of a certain tooth, a loose filling or an exposed root surface, all of which are not serious conditions and easy to fix. Another cause of tooth pain could be a more serious issue of periodontal disease or other medical condition. Don’t wait for the pain to get worse, make an appointment to visit your dentist immediately.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain can be uncomfortable, oftentimes a throbbing pain that can have a serious effect on your quality of life. There are many causes of jaw pain, including impacted wisdom teeth, teeth grinding, an abscessed tooth, dental conditions including gum disease and cavities and even Osteomyelitis, a bacterial infection that travels through the bloodstream and affects bones and surrounding tissue. Temporomandibular Disorder, also known as TMJ/TMD, can also cause severe jaw pain, sometimes so severe that the jaw can become permanently stuck in an open or closed position. Only a qualified dentist can help you determine the root cause of your jaw pain and a solution to correct the problem.

Swollen, Inflamed or Bleeding Gums
Swollen gums are a common problem and can have a number of different causes. Inflamed gums are typically caused by hardened plaque that has accumulated under your gum line. This typically is a cause of improper dental hygiene, where a bacterium in the mouth forms plaque on the teeth. Inflamed or bleeding gums can often be a sign of gingivitis, periodontitis, or gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss if not treated early enough. If you are experiencing swollen, inflamed or bleeding gums for longer than a week, you should visit your dentist for a proper diagnosis.

Chronic Bad Breath
Bad breath can be embarrassing for anyone. There is a difference between the occasional bad breath caused by too many pieces of garlic bread and the chronic variety that could be a more serious issue. Chronic bad breath could be caused by tooth decay, bacteria hiding in cavities or pockets in the gums, and conditions such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. Some viruses, illnesses or infections may also cause this chronic bad breath. Even certain medications lead to bad breath. If bad breath lasts more than a week, you’ll need to visit a dentist because gum and mouthwash will only mask the problem temporarily.



Tarter Build up
Tarter, also called calculus, is caused by a build-up of plaque which carries bacteria that can damage tooth enamel and lead to cavities. It forms below and above the gum line and can lead to tooth decay, receding gums and gum disease. A dentist in a dentist office must remove it. If you feel rough deposits on your teeth, it’s time to make an appointment to check in with your local dentist.